Adaptable Structures is a patented, open-ended system for construction of nearly any kind of building regardless of the limits on space, time, or skilled labor. Adaptable Structures employs flat-pack transportable aluminum components and aerospace fasteners for assembling weathertight, seismic-proof architecture in limitless applications, from emergency shelters to customizable permanent residences and more.
Our Story
We needed to build a home in a remote site on New Zealand’s North Island. But it simply cost too much to get contractors, equipment, and supplies on site and working far off the beaten path. Traditional home building methods and materials blew our budget.

So we came up with our own way of doing things. Using lightweight aluminum extrusions and aerospace fasteners, we created a building system that requires no skilled labor, no cranes or hiabs, nothing more than two regular people with a set of six tools, to assemble a weathertight building in a matter of hours, with plug-and-play electrical and plumbing components requiring minimal time of skilled tradesman.

We realized immediately that our building system could be adapted to any number of uses. We made all our fasteners and framing components interchangeable, as easy to disassemble and pack as it is to assemble and expand. Our interiors screw into place allowing for easy repurposing while the exteriors support a wide variety of cladding material.

We realized what we’d created was a system that was open to anything you have planned. That’s how Adaptable Structures was born.
About the Adaptable Structures System
Adaptable Structures provides the components and method to quickly and easily construct buildings for any number of architectural applications.

Build For Less

Our interchangeable fasteners and lightweight materials mean that as few as two people using six tools can assemble a structure in hours, without the need of heavy equipment. And plug-and-play electricity and water components keeps the need for skilled tradesman at a minimum.
Build For Desire
We’re open to anything, by design. The strong bones of the Adaptable Structures system are its interchangeable, easy to assemble and reassemble aluminum framing-components. Our interiors are designed to be easily repurposed, while our exteriors support a wide variety of cladding options, and we support multiple roofing options.
Build For Need
Adaptable Structures are weather-tight and seismic-proof by design and testing. Each dwelling module can handle up to 1 kilowatt of solar panels. The easy-to-transport and assemble system makes Adaptable Structures ideal for emergency housing, remote health clinics, construction site offices, or any kind of building where time or skilled labor are in short supply.
Save the Earth
It’s zero-waste system that uses 95% recycled materials and requires no machinery to assemble. Each part of the building is reusable and recyclable. Designed, developed, prototyped, and sourced in and from New Zealand, where aluminium production is hydrothermally powered.